Tonight’s review comes “Alice Adams”, one of my favorite movies from one of my absolute favorite actresses, Katharine Hepburn. I watch Katharine movies very regularly, and tonight I watched “Alice Adams” again, so I thought that I would review this one.
Katharine Hepburn irradiates the screen in this remarkable film, which is considered to be one of Katharine’s most meritorious roles from the 1930s. Katharine plays Alice Adams, a young and determined girl who hails from a lower middle class family, but wants to escape her non existent lifestyle and yearns for a reputable place in high society among all the other girls in town. Unfortunately the girls won’t accept Alice due to the family’s impecunious situation. At a dance Alice meets Arthur Russell ( Fred MacMurray ), a wealthy socialite. From the start the two are ensorcelled by each other. Arthur is clearly the man of Alice’s dreams, so Alice tries to impress Arthur by hyperbolizing her parents financial status. When Alice’s mum persuades Alice to invite Arthur over for dinner to meet her family, Alice deprecates the idea at first because she is ashamed of their pecuniary difficulties. Eventually Alice agrees to the dinner party, and mother and daughter try to put on an upscale family dinner to please Arthur, but the result is chastening.

Anybody that knows Katharine Hepburn will agree that she is one of the greatest actresses of all time. Sadly though some people dismiss Kate and feel that she always plays close to her own skin. That is not true. Kate was incandescent and played many diverse roles from Comedy to Film Noir to Solid Drama & always delivered an outstanding performance. Whatever role Kate had to play she always accustomed herself to that character, and her performances were so immense. “Alice Adams” is just one of her most commendable performances out of many on her long resume of films.

Here Kate gives one of her most touching performances of her career. Some scenes really showcase Kate’s acting ability, most notably the scene when Alice arrives home from the dance and runs to her bedroom crying out the window. It’s easy to see why Kate was nominated for an Oscar for her enriching portrayal of “Alice Adams”. I would recommend this film and many other Kate films to anyone, even to those who are not yet established Hepburn fans. I don’t care what anybody says. I love Kate. To me she is the virtuoso of the film industry.


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