Seeing as it was Carole Lombard’s Birthday the other day, I thought that for my second movie review to be featured on Monty and Desiree’s website, I would do a Carole Lombard film in her honor. The film I’ve chosen to review is one of my favorite Carole movies “The Princess Comes Across” which stars Carole alongside her frequent co-star Fred MacMurray.
Carole Lombard irradiates the screen in this whodunit murder mystery. Carole Lombard plays Wanda Nash an impecunious actress from Brooklyn. On board an ocean liner returning to America from Europe, Wanda disguises herself as Princess Olga from Sweden in order to attain a film contract with Transcontinental Pictures in Hollywood. While cruising on the Mammoth, Princess Olga meets bandleader and Concertina player King Mantell ( Fred MacMurray ). The two become acquainted, and Princess Olga suddenly realizes that her affections for King Mantell are pullulating into love. Complications start to brew when Princess Olga discovers that there is a blackmailer on board that knows that Princess Olga is putting on a false façade. Trouble acerbates when an escaped killer is making the rounds, and the blackmailer is found dead in Wanda’s cabin. Wanda turns to King Mantell for help. After much investigation Princess Olga and the bandleader find that they are embroiled in the murder.

This is one of those movies that prove that Carole Lombard didn’t just specialize in Screwball Comedy. While many might classify this as a comedy, I would say it’s more of a suspense film with a mixture of facetiousness and romance. I strongly feel that Carole delivered one of her most culminating performances in this film. It’s not easy to pull off another accent, but Lombard really perfected that Swedish Greta Garbo style accent throughout the picture and that really epitomizes her acting ability.

Carole Lombard is known as one of the brightest actresses to ever grace the silver screen. Though her career was tragically cut short in January 1942, Carole still has a long resume of notable films and meritorious performances to look back on. Carole is and always will be one of my favorite actresses of all time.
Annex - Lombard, Carole (Princess Comes Across, The)_NRFPT_04
Quotes from film:

Film Man: “Have you a favorite movie star, Princess?”

Princess Olga: “Oh, yah yah.”

Film Man: “Would it be a male star?”

Princess Olga: “Oh sure.”

Film Man: “If the question isn’t too personal, the name?”

Princess Olga: “Vee tell you. Mickey Moose-y.”

King Mantell: “Your Highness, there’s something wrong with your tub.”

Princess Olga: “Vat?”

King Mantell: “Yes, you see, the water runs in and it runs out, but the trouble is it runs out faster than it runs in. I discovered it this morning when I was trying to take a bath. It can only draw about that much water.”

[his fingers show an inch]

King Mantell: “and you can’t take a bath with that much water.”

[shows an inch again]

Princess Olga: Vell, if you’re a ploomb-er, why don’t you fix it?

King Mantell: “Well, I’m not a ploomb-er, uh, I mean, a plumber, but I think I could fix it. Have you got a screwdriver?”

Lady Gertrude Allwyn: “A screwdriver? Her Highness is not in the habit of going around with a screwdriver on her person.”

Princess Olga: [to Mantell] “Please go avay.”

King Mantell: Well, I was only trying to help, but may I suggest that when you want to take a bath, you should take a shower.”

[walks away]

King Mantell: “Of course, there’s always the ocean.”


Princess Olga: [dropping her phony Swedish accent] “I’d like to smack that guy right in the kisser.”

Carole Lombard was born Jane Alice Peters on October 6th, 1908 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Died: January 16th, 1942, at age 33 in Table Rock Mountain, Nevada ( Airplane crash ).

Fred MacMurray was born Fredrick Martin MacMurray on August 30th, 1908 in Kankakee, Illinois. Died: November 5th, 1991. Age 83, in Santa Monica, California.

Alison Skipworth was born Alison Mary Elliott Margaret Groom on July 25th, 1863 in London England. Died: July 5th, 1952. Age 88, in New York.


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