For my third movie review to be featured on Monty and Desiree’s website, I will be reviewing my favorite Carole Lombard movie “Made For Each Other”, one of Carole’s most renowned roles, which gave her the opportunity to act alongside James Stewart.
made for each other
Carole Lombard is phenomenal in every role she’s played, but when you pair her with James Stewart, the result is enthralling. In “Made For Each Other” Carole Lombard plays Jane Mason, an eager and determined young woman, who meets New York attorney John Mason ( James Stewart ), during one of his business trips in Boston. The couple fall in love and marry contiguously. At first things are equable until they begin to face requisition and adversity with the demands of John’s supercilious boss, and an impertinent and contumelious mother-in-law. To make matters worse, a baby is born, which leave the Mason’s financially struggling. When the marriage is at breaking point the baby suddenly becomes seriously ill and has to be hospitalized. With this exigency, uncertain that the baby will survive or what the denouement will be like, Jane and John are ambiguous, and not sure whether they will get through this vicissitude.

This movie really showcases Carole’s acting ability, and corroborates the fact that she was not just a comedic actress. I feel that she delivered the most culminating performance in her career here. Some scenes are so immense, most notably in the crying scenes at the hospital, and the part where she prays to the statue of Jesus. She put so much feeling into those scenes and displayed such raw emotions that delineate her meritorious propensity in solid dramas. James Stewart as always is excellent in his portrayal of John Mason, and with a great supporting cast including Charles Coburn and Lucille Watson, this film is prodigious and indubitably entertaining.

Combined with a conglomeration of humor, drama, romance, despondency and the effervescent and luminescent appeal that Carole brings to the screen once again, audiences are bound to be enchanted in this poignant tale of marital status and domestic encumbrance.

Quotes from film:

Lily, Cook #3: “Never let the seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon.”

Jane: “That’s all right if you’ve got a watermelon.”

Lily, Cook #3: “You mustn’t say that, Miss Mason. You’ve got your watermelon, but you choke yourself up on all the little seeds. I always say “Spit ’em out before they spoil your taste for the melon.”

Jane: “Are you a man or a mouse?”

John: “A mouse.”


Carole Lombard: Born Jane Alice Peters on October 6th, 1908 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Died: January 16th, 1942, at the age of 33. Mount Potosi ( Table Rock Mountain ), Nevada. ( Airplane crash ).

James Stewart: Born James Maitland Stewart on May 20th, 1908 in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Died: July 2nd, 1997 in Beverly Hills, California.

Charles Coburn: Born Charles Douville Coburn on June 19th, 1877 in Macon, Georgia. Died: August 30th, 1961 in New York.

Lucile Watson: Born Lucile Watson on May 27th, 1879 in Quebec, Canada. Died: June 24th, 1962 in New York.

 made for each other lombard


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