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I’ve been on a bit of a Carole kick lately, which is definitely not unusual for me, as I watch Carole films quite frequently. Today I watched “Now And Forever” again. This is a great movie that has Carole starring alongside Gary Cooper and the irresistible and adorable Shirley Temple.

Toni Day ( Carole Lombard ) is married to Jerry Day ( Gary Cooper ). The couple are in a state of disparity with their lifestyle. While Toni yearns for a settled life and children, Jerry can’t accept that responsibility and feels that that sort of lifestyle would be a burden on him. When Jerry receives word from Connecticut about his daughter Penny ( Shirley Temple ) who at the time is living with Jerry’s deceased wife’s family, Jerry takes a trip to Connecticut and becomes acquainted with Penny. The two are amicable towards each other and Jerry decides to accept the amenability of fatherhood and raise Penny himself with Toni taking the role as mother to Penny. Complications arise when Jerry gets involved with a jewelry thief, and with that intricacy his family life is now facing contingency.

Like most Shirley Temple vehicles this film isn’t as well known, basically for the fact that Shirley Temple isn’t the main star in the movie, but when she is in it she still is an attraction among audiences. Even though it’s mainly a Gary Cooper and Carole Lombard vehicle, this movie gave Shirley the opportunity to expand her acting ability, and as always little Shirley was scintillating. Carole also disseminated her acting talents here, moving away from her comedic roles once again. She came across very motherly towards Penny, and us fans can witness what Carole may have been like as a mother if she was ever given the chance to have children.

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