Every time I watch “The Valley Of Decision” I come to realize more and more that this is seriously one of the best movies ever made. This movie alone is enough to turn anyone into a Greer Garson fan overnight. She is just so utterly adorable in this film. After my first viewing of this great classic a few years ago I was hooked, not only by the movie, but with Greer Garson’s performance. She just blew me away. I instantly wanted to familiarize myself with her work, so I started to delve into her filmography, and needless to say I was impressed. Greer Garson is one of the greatest actresses of the golden age that has a resume of notable films and commendable performances up her sleeve.
Greer Garson and Gregory Peck are fireworks in this powerful film set in Pittsburgh in the late 19th century. Greer Garson plays Mary Rafferty, the daughter of Pat Rafferty, an embittered and rancorous laborer who was crippled in an accident at the mill years earlier. When Mary secures herself a job as housemaid in the Scott Mansion complications brew as Pat wants Mary to dismiss the job offer, and does not want Mary to have any involvement with the Scott family whatsoever. Mary however accepts the job and builds a close rapport between her and the Scott family. Romance strikes when Mary falls in love with the Scott’s son Paul ( Gregory Peck ), and when Paul proposes marriage the Scott’s approve, but enmity and rage is about to boil on the poor side of town, which leads to a violent strike and the separation of Mary and Paul.

Greer Garson delivered a fine portrayal in the role as Mary Rafferty. She really showcases her acting talents in this film, and perfected the Irish accent really well. Gregory Peck also gave an enjoyable performance, and boy is he handsome in this? I’m also particularly fond of Gladys Cooper in the role as Clarissa ( Paul’s mother ). After being accustomed to her role as a not so likeable character in “Now Voyager” it’s good to see her portraying an amicable woman with a palatable way of life.
“The Valley Of Decision” is a movie which I hold in high regard. To me it is movie making to perfection. This is the perfect example of the famous saying which is quite often pertained to classic film “They don’t make them like they used to.


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