Well I’ve finally watched this movie. After hearing so much talk about this film from other people, I decided to give it my first viewing last night. I can see why I took so long to watch this. The whole film was execrable, and basically just a bunch of hokum.

Alan Bates plays the convicted wife murderer. Absconding from the police he finds shelter in the barn of the Bostock’s farm in Lancashire. When their daughter Kathy ( Hayley Mills ) discovers the fugitive, she asks who he is and he automatically replies Jesus Christ. Influenced by stories they have heard at school, Kathy really postulates that he is Jesus, so she ensconces him from the cops and all adults. Eventually most of the children from the neighborhood or surrounding towns apperceive that Jesus is residing in the barn. Kathy tries to keep it abstruse, even from her father, but before long a plethora of kids flock to the barn to see Jesus.

I don’t mean to sound critical, but I just don’t see the potential in this film at all. This is just my opinion, as this was commodiously popular at the box office and received a multiplicity of accolades upon it’s release. To me the movie was strictly B-grade with a lack of appeal. The performances were monotonous and failed to illicit any enthusiasm from the cast.

I know “Whistle Down The Wind” is not regarded a children’s movie, but I consider kids to be beguiled by this film. It had that child like aura to it, that would fascinate young people. This is not really the case as many adults are intrigued by this film. Anyway I’m glad I watched it, and at least I can say that I’ve ticked another film off Hayley Mill’s filmography.


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