After amassing old articles, I came across an essay about Barbara Stanwyck’s involvement in the TV movie “Heat Of Anger”.  When I read it, I thought that this would make an interesting blog entry.


In 1971, Barbara Stanwyck was cast in the TV movie “Heat Of Anger”, a production that was originally scheduled to be a pilot for a prospective television series titled “Fitzgerald And Pride”.

For the first few days into shooting, everything was going as planned. However on the third day of filming, Barbara became ill, and was later admitted into hospital, where she underwent the procedure of having a kidney removed.


This malady meant that Barbara couldn’t continue with the filming for “Heat Of Anger”, and was replaced by Susan Hayward, who took on the role as Jessie Fitzgerald, the part that was originally designated for Stanwyck. When Barbara heard word that Hayward was replacing her, she didn’t mind as after all, Hayward, like Stanwyck, was another girl who hailed from Brooklyn.

As soon as Barbara was discharged from hospital, she claimed that she visited the world known as death and enunciated, “For two days I was on the other side. It’s very cold there and it’s very dark.” Well if “Missy” was right about visiting the other side, she knew what to be prepared for when she returned there for good nineteen years later.

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