When I was growing up, one distinguishable figure that sprang to mind at the mention of classic cinema was Dame Elizabeth Taylor. A luminous beauty with trademark violet eyes, Taylor enchanted millions worldwide with her unrivaled talents and humanitarian work that would ultimately catapult her to super-stardom.


Dame Elizabeth Taylor made her star-studded debut in this world on February 27th, 1932. To celebrate the birthday of this iconic legend and her ingenious trail of artistry, I’m hosting a blogathon dedicated to the actress whose glorified presence became a cinematic attraction.



1. Here are some ground rules to follow. Bloggers are welcome to write about any topic regarding Elizabeth Taylor’s life and career. There are a wealth of subjects to choose from. You could write about her marriage to Richard Burton, or her marriages in general ( she married eight times ). You could write about her humanitarian work or Taylor as a fashion icon. Anything is up for grabs. If you have a topic in mind but not sure whether it’s suitable, just run it by me. The only thing I ask is that there be no more than two duplicates, so act fast.

2. The blogathon will take place on February 25th – 27th, 2018 to coincide with Elizabeth’s 86th birthday.

3. To express your interest in participating in the blogathon, leave a comment on my blog, along with the name and URL of your blog, and the subject you wish to cover, or you can always register by email at: For those of you who wish to register by email, please be sure to include the name and URL of your blog, and the topic you wish to cover. Once you get confirmation, please choose one of the banners and advertise it on your blog. I look forward to seeing you all in February to celebrate the very beautiful Elizabeth Taylor.

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In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood: Elizabeth Taylor’s Humanitarian Work & Elephant Walk ( 1954 )

Maddy Loves Her Classic Films: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof ( 1958 )

Elizabeth Nelson: Guest post at In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood: Elizabeth Taylor & Michael Wilding.

Portraits By Jenni: A Date With Judy ( 1948 )

The Story Enthusiast: National Velvet ( 1944 )

The Wonderful World Of Cinema: A comparison between Elizabeth Taylor’s and Joan Bennett’s Amy March in “Little Women”.

Musings Of A Classic Film Addict: The V.I.P.s ( 1963 )

Taking Up Room: Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair With Jewelry, Cynthia ( 1947 ) & Father’s Little Dividend ( 1951 )

Cinematic Scribblings: A Place In The Sun ( 1951 )

Anybody Got A Match? Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton.

Serendipitous Anachronisms:  A Little Night Music ( 1977 )

Caftan Woman: The Mirror Crack’d ( 1980 )

Real Weedgie Midget Reviews: Elizabeth Taylor in X, Y and Zee ( 1972 )

The Dream Book Blog: Between Friends ( 1983 )

Love Letters To Old Hollywood: Julia Misbehaves ( 1948 )

The Stop Button: Giant ( 1956 )

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest: Elizabeth Taylor Tribute.

Vinnie H Movie Reviews: Suddenly, Last Summer ( 1959 )

Karavansara: The Taming Of The Shrew ( 1967 )

Critica Retro: There Is One Born Every Minute ( 1942 )

I Found It At The Movies: Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf ( 1966 )

No Nonsense With Nuwan Sen: Elizabeth Taylor & Mike Todd & Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton.

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society: Life With Father ( 1947 )

Lauren Champkin: The Mirror Crack’d ( 1980 )

LA Explorer: Little Women ( 1949 )

Old Hollywood Films: Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry.

Charlene’s Mostly Classic Movie Reviews: Butterfield 8 ( 1960 )

Movies Meet Their Match: The Last Time I Saw Paris ( 1954 )



      1. Hi, Crystal! I was wondering if I could do “Father of the Bride” instead of “Cynthia”–it’s not gonna work out this time. Derp. Oh well. Hope you’re doing all right–merry Christmas! 🙂


  1. Here I am… What about Zeffirelli’s “The Taming of the Shrew”?
    Burton, Taylor, William Shjakespeare, Zeffirelli… what could ever go wrong?
    (BTW: I was about to claim Burton’s 1967 “Doctor Faustus”, but I think my friend Claire at the Scribblings blog would kill me. I’ll ask her to cover the Marlowe adaptation 😉 )


  2. Hi Crystal! Hope all is well! So sorry for my lack of participation on the previous blogathon 😦 Things have been very busy but I am making time from now on to write about good films!

    Can I please write about the first film that landed Ms. Taylor her first Oscar – BUtterfield 8? I have never seen it before and this would be a great opportunity to do so. Thanks!


  3. Michaela

    Hey, Crystal! I really hate to do this, but I’m going to have to withdraw from this blogathon. I’ve just got so much going on with my job and my family, and I think it’s starting to catch up with me because I’m coming down with a cold. I was looking forward to writing about Julia Misbehaves, but in order to do that, I would need to do a lot more than I’m capable of right now. I just need to give myself some rest — I hope you understand!


  4. Dear Crystal,

    I’m very excited to be participating in your blogathon. I am leaving tomorrow on a trip to Louisiana. I will return on the 26th, but I know that I wouldn’t be able to write my article in one day after just flying half way across the country. Thus, I wrote my article before leaving! I just scheduled it to post automatically at 9 AM Pacific Time on February 25. Here is the link: Please add it to the roster on Sunday when it has posted. Thank you for hosting this blogathon!

    Yours Hopefully,

    Tiffany Brannan


    1. My apologies Tiffany. I misread your comment where you said your entry is scheduled to be published on Sunday. I will drop by on Sunday and will link your article to the new page that I will publish when the blogathon arrives. I can assure you that your article will be presented first, as I received yours first. Thank you once again for you entry and for participating in the blogathon. I look forward to reading it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dear Crystal,

        Thank you very much for including me. I saw that you put me on the roster. Thank you. I really enjoyed participating in the participating in this blogathon. It seems to have been a great success. Congratulations!

        Yours Hopefully,

        Tiffany Brannan


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