Hello this is Crystal’s brother Jarrahn here. I am writing on my sisters blog to tell you the sad news about Crystal. Anyone who knows Crystal would know her history of violent headache attacks. Ever since her high school years my sister has suffered horribly from severe headaches that has landed her in hospital many times. She’s had heaps of tests and scans done and has seen different specialists about her headaches and nobody has been able to work out whats causing them. In May & June my sister was admitted to hospital again & that time another specialist diagnosed her with a serious form of Thunderclap Headaches. My sister recovered in about over a week and came home. She was sent back to hospital again in October and recuperated and was discharged a week later. When she was discharged she took a trip down south to the country for a week and was in good health. When she came back from the country she didnt complain of headaches and was feeling ok. Then on the 17th of November Crystal started to get sick with very bad headaches again. The next day my mother took her to the emergency ward and she was seen to by a nurse and was sent home without being admitted. On the next day the Thursday the 19th she was feeling headachish but she said she wasnt that bad and she could cope. During the day on that Thursday she watched her daily viewings of Lucille Ball I Love Lucy and early that night she put a Joan Bennett dvd on and was lying on the couch watching it. She was still feelimg not that bad. Later on that night her headaches worsened and by the next day, Friday November 20th her headaches were severe. After lunch on the Friday she was no longer able to cope and she was crying in pain. We raced her to the emergency and she was seen to right away and was admitted into hospital. When we were at the hospital my mother spoke to her specialist about an operation on her head that she was to undergo in a few weeks. My mother and I stayed with her until she was settled in her ward at the hospital then we went home when Crystal complained she was very tired. That night she apparently tried to watch an Olivia Dehavilland movie she likes on a hospital television set she borrowed but was crying because she couldn’t see. We visited her the following day on Saturday November 21. In the afternoon of that Saturday while we were with her Crystal suffered from a really massive and violent headache attack ( the worse she has ever had ) and she fell into a coma instantly. Ever since Crystal has been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and is on temporary life support and has got machines to help her breathe as she can’t breathe without them. It’s now been 2 weeks and 1 day since Crystal had that massive attack that made her fall into a coma and she hasnt woken up from her coma since.

We’re worried shitless. We’ve spoke to the head specialist in ICU and he said that theres a 50/50 percent chance that Crystal will fully recover when she wakes up from the coma. There is a strong chance that she may never fully recover and could be dependant on us. He also said that it is very possible that she could receive brain damage . We hope and pray that she will fully recover and be back to normal. It is really upsetting seeing my sister laying there so helpless in a coma. We want her to wake up n be good as gold. They are going to do tests on her brain while shes in the coma so they will get a idea on if she will have damage to her brain. If my sister ends up with brain damage we wouldnt know what to do. She would hate living that way and she would want her life support turned off. The ICU staff say its impossible to know when she will wake up from her coma. It could be days it could be weeks it could be months. We dont know.

While she has been in a coma we’ve tried playing her favourite actresses to her ears hoping she willhear but she hasnt twitched at all and shown any signs that she can hear so we dont know if she can. She also received a recorded get well message from Petula Clark who she has met 4 times and we have played that message to her ear hoping she’d hear it but no signs.

We hope she fully recovers. My sister was lucky to get a Katharine Hepburn book contract with a publishing company and she was excited about landing a book contract on Katharine and was offered a book.contract on Lucille Ball afterwards. She has those to look.forward to.

I normally wouldnt write on my sisters blog but today I have to. Crystal is holding a Agnes Moorehead blog event and I have to inform you of why she is absent. Crystal wouldnt want to cancel the Agnes Moorehead event entirely. She adores Agnes so the event is still on but I am doing it on my sisters behalf. I dont know about blogging and I dont know if I am doing this right. I ask that you be patient while I work out how to hold this event. You can send your contributions to me and I will work out how to do it or perhaps someone can help me?

This is the last photo taken of my sister before she got sick.


  1. Hi Jarrahn, you are a star of a brother and it’s wonderful that you are there for Crystal. If you want you can get the entrants to send me their entries and I can put a post together that you can copy and paste on her blog once the blogathon is over. I would love to help you and you family in this small way. Take care and contact me if you would like me to help in this way. Love Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews

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  2. Thank you so much for posting this and I will pray that Crystal recovers. I’ve suffered from migraines for 30+ years, so I know what head pain can be like. My heart goes out to Crystal and your family.

    Prayers and good wishes.



  3. maddylovesherclassicfilms

    This is just awful, Jarrahn. My heart goes out to you and the rest of your family. I hope she recovers fully. Both she and the rest of your family are in my thoughts at this time.

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  4. Hello, Jarrahn. This is Sally from 18 Cinema Lane. Thank you for letting us know about Crystal. Your sister is lucky to have a brother who cares for his sibling so much, that he is willing to help her with her blogging endeavors. I am planning on participating in this event, so I will post my review on either the 7th or 8th. If you have any questions, you can reach me at this link:

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      1. Hi Gill. Sorry for the belated response. I was watching the movie, ‘The Strange Monster of Strawberry Cove’ (the film I’m reviewing for this blogathon) yesterday. I’ll send you the link to my review today on the 8th.

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  5. You were very brave to write a message on Crystal’s behalf, Jarrahn. I’m so terribly sorry to hear about her ongoing health woes and the awful turn things have taken. Crystal has always been such a joy and so full of enthusiasm for anything & everything classic film related. She has been a real inspriration to me. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope that Crystal will pull through this but moreover that whatever happens, she will be comfortable and that all of you will be at peace. She is so lucky to have such love and dedication around her. God Bless and stay safe. xo


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