Back in 1979, my Mother and Grandmother were propitious enough to be able to witness Lauren Bacall live on the Mike Walsh Show in Sydney. This event was being held by my Uncle’s school, and anybody that was attending that day had a bus provided for them that would commute them to and from the studios, which were in Cremorne. Mum and Grandma both have great recollections of the day and my Grandma was kind enough to share her reminiscences with all of us. Below is the tribute that Grandma put together shortly after Lauren’s passing on August 12th.


This week we lost another of our screen icons, Lauren Bacall. Lauren was an elegant and charming actress. She provided us with many hours of entertainment through her long resume of films, four of them being with her husband Humphrey Bogart. Apart from being headstrong, she knew what she wanted to achieve in life, and went on to accomplish those goals that she set for herself.

My daughter Linda and I were lucky enough to see Lauren being interviewed live on the “Mike Walsh Show” back in 1979. We were even more fortunate to attain front row seats for both of us, so we had a good view as we were right up the front, and we were able to witness Lauren’s beauty and intelligence in the flesh. It was an interesting interview. Lauren was ostentatious, but quite adamant in her beliefs. She had that certain aura about her which left us all intrigued by her. Seeing Lauren was an opportunity in a lifetime and we are both glad that we were present that day.

Lauren will be sadly missed, not only by those who knew her, but by her large plethora of fans world wide. Even though she is gone, her memory will live on through her large spate of films that she has starred in, and through her numerous interviews and guest appearances. Rest In Peace Lauren Bacall.

By Audrey Mayor.


Below is a link to the first video featuring guests who have appeared on “The Mike Walsh Show” throughout the years. Lauren is seen but in very short glimpses.


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