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What do Lassie, Black Beauty and Rin Tin Tin have in common? They are all animals that disseminate cuteness into a movie and make audiences fall in love with them.

Animals have been enchanting movie-goers world wide for decades with their charm, cuteness and lovable companionship. Whether they are dogs, horses, cats, dolphins, you name it, they are all amiable living creatures who belong in this world and are entitled to a fair go of life.

In most movies these animals possess adorableness that you just want to cuddle them, but in some cases the animals have proved to be downright villainous which make the characters run for their life.

My family and I have always been animal lovers. My Mum grew up with two German Shepherds, while my Dad’s childhood and teenage years were memorable whenever he was surrounded by the many German Shepherds that his family owned. I also inhabit very fond memories of our German Shepherd, Clay, who sadly passed away four years ago.

Because of my deep passion and dedication to animals, I have decided to host another blogathon to pay tribute to these movie animals, marine life or reptiles that have been beguiling me for so long, and I would love as many participants as possible. They show us love, so it’s time for us to spread our love to them.



Lassie, Greyfriars Bobby, National Velvet, Black Beauty, Jaws, Flipper, The Wizard Of Oz, King Kong, Bringing Up Baby, Dark Victory, Air Bud, The Birds, Babe, 101 Dalmations, The Sun Comes Up.

Remember the movie you choose to write about doesn’t have to come from the list above. It’s entirely your choice, but those are just some examples for some who wish to write about them.


1. Participants are more than welcome to write about any movie animal, sea creature or reptile; As long as it’s a living, breathing creature and played a prominent part in a film, it’s more than welcome. If you want to write about a snake from the movies, that’s fine. It doesn’t necessarily have to be classified as an animal movie, but as long as the film features an animal or any living creature and has a significant part in the movie, it’s more than welcome. No cartoons allowed, but films from any era ranging from silents to modern cinema are welcome. And the animals you choose to blog about don’t need to be friendly. If you want to write about a villainous movie animal, it’s more than welcome.

2. For this blogathon, I am saying no to duplicates. There are a plethora of films featuring animals and living creatures to choose from.

3. The Blogathon is held from May 26th through to May 28th.

4.  To express your interest in participating in the blogathon, leave a comment on my blog, along with the name and URL of your blog, and the name of the movie you wish to cover, or you can always register by email at: For those of you who wish to register by email, please be sure to include the name and URL of your blog, and the film you wish to cover. Once you get confirmation, please spread the word about this blogathon by advertising the event on your blog. Below are a few banners, so grab yourself a banner, and let’s celebrate our love for animals.

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In The Good Old Days Of Classic HollywoodGreyfriars Bobby ( 1961 ) and A Dog’s Love ( 1914 )

The Cinematic Frontier: The NeverEnding Story ( 1984 )

Make Mine CriterionVery Happy Alexander ( 1968 )

The Wonderful World Of Cinema: Rescued By Rover ( 1905 )

Christina Wehner: Rhubarb ( 1951 )

B Noir Detour: Obsession/ The Hidden Room ( 1949 )

Back To Golden Days: Bringing Up Baby ( 1938 )

Cinema Crossroads: The Circus ( 1928 )

Cinematic Scribblings: Umberto D ( 1952 )

An Ode To Dust: Go West ( 1925 )

The Flapper Dame: The Wizard Of Oz ( 1939 )

Lauren Champkin: 101 Dalmatians ( 1961 )

Old Hollywood Films: The Yearling ( 1946 )

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest: King Kong ( 1933 )

Silver Screenings: Francis The Talking Mule ( 1950 )

A Shroud Of Thoughts: Cat from “Breakfast At Tiffany’s ( 1961 )

Movie Movie Blog Blog: Laurel & Hardy films that feature horses

Critica Retro: The Jungle Book ( 1942 )

Moon In Gemini: Mighty Joe Young ( 1949 )

The Midnight Drive In: Harvey ( 1950 )

Classic Movie Hub: The Cheshire Cat in “Alice In Wonderland” ( 1951 )

Caftan Woman: The Tiger Walks ( 1964 )

Karavansara: Gorilla At Large ( 1954 )

Le Cinema Dreams: The Fox ( 1967 )

Pop Culture Reverie: International Velvet ( 1978 )

Movie ClassicsBroadway Bill ( 1934 ) and Riding High ( 1951 )

Portraits By Jenni: Dunstan Checks In ( 1996 )

Flickers In Time: Moby Dick ( 1956 ) Smoky ( 1946 )

Phyllis Loves Classic MoviesThe film career of Skippy and Trigger in Son Of Paleface ( 1952 )

Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog: The Ballad Of Pete The Pup

Serendipitous Anachronisms : The Birds ( 1963 )

Twenty Four Frames: Cats On Film

Define Dancing: Pard Aka Zero in “High Sierra” ( 1941 )



  1. The Flapper Dame

    Totally count me in! I want to do Toto from the wizard of oz! Please! I’m a dog person too! Emily from The Flapper Dame


  2. Wondering. Would it be too much of a stretch to consider Audrey, Jr. (the man-eating plant from outer space in “Little Shop of Horrors”) an animal? 😀 Actually, since this blogathon is only about a week off from my sobriety date, I’d kind of like to do “Harvey”. Or is a six-foot tall invisible rabbit too much of a stretch, too…?


      1. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and do Harvey. I’ve got a serious double feature planned for my sobriety date, but doing Harvey will be a nice change of pace.


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      1. Let’s stick to apes… What about 1954 “Gorilla at Large”, a movie the great Anne Bancroft was so ashamed of, she never allowed stills from the film to be published while she was alive?


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  5. Hi Crystal, can I do Frank Capra’s horse racing film Broadway Bill (1934) and Riding High (1951), his musical remake of his own film, starring Bing Crosby? I think it will be really interesting to look at the two together.


    1. onestitchatatime

      I really liked Broadway Bill though I read Capra didn’t care for it. Haven’t seen Riding High and am looking forward to your review!


  6. I thought and thought about an animal movie to pick and settled on Dunstan Checks In. It was made in 1996 and it’s a very funny family fllm all about an orangutan and some children who befriend him and try to rescue him from the ring of thieves who own the ape. It was one my own kids enjoyed when we rented it years ago. My blog site is


  7. Hi Crystal! Could I do a post on the film career of Skippy, better known as Asta, from the Thin Man films?

    I would also like to do Trigger in “Son of Paleface” (1952).

    ~ Phyl


  8. Wait a minute! NO ONE is doing THE BIRDS?! I thought that would be one of the first to get snapped up!

    Okay, I am officially in with The Birds (1963)!


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