After a long hiatus of not hosting any blogathons, I’m pleased to say that for the next three days I’m back in the hostess chair again for the Bette Davis Blogathon which has just started today.

Below are the list of entries. I will be promoting all the posts as they come in. As usual all participants have put in an outstanding effort, and I know that Bette will be proud to see all bloggers coalescing to celebrate her Birthday.

A big thank you to all who have participated. I look forward to reading the entries. This is for you Bette. Happy heavenly Birthday from all of us classic film enthusiasts.



Serendipitous Anachronisms: The Man Who Came To Dinner ( 1942 )

B Noir Detour: Beyond The Forest ( 1936 )

Love Letters To Old HollywoodNow Voyager ( 1942 )

Speakeasy: Another Man’s Poison ( 1951 )

Silver Screenings: Dark Victory ( 1939 )

Cinematic Scribblings: The Little Foxes ( 1941 )

Thoughts All Sorts: Bette Davis Eyes Old Acquaintance ( 1943 ) 

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Prince Of Hollywood: The Parachute Jumper ( 1933 )

Finding Franchot: Dangerous ( 1935 )

In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood: Bette Davis tribute: Fan interviews.

Karavansara: The Private Lives Of Elizabeth And Essex ( 1939 )

The Flapper Dame: Satan Met A Lady ( 1936 )

Critica Retro: Three On A Match ( 1932 )

Movie Classics: The Sisters ( 1938 )

Dark Lane Creative: The Virgin Queen ( 1955 )

Back To Golden Days: Now Voyager ( 1942 )

Old Hollywood Films: The Letter ( 1940 )

The Old Hollywood Garden: Mr. Skeffington ( 1944 )

Blog Of The Darned: Pocketful Of Miracles ( 1961 )

All Good Things: In This Our Life ( 1942 )

The Cinematic Frontier: Where Love Has Gone ( 1964 )

Christina Wehner: Fog Over Frisco ( 1934 )

Flickers In Time: The Catered Affair ( 1956 )

Girls Do Film: Bette Davis: Classic Hollywood’s Forgotten Feminist.

A Shroud Of Thoughts: Whatever Happened To Baby Jane ( 1962 )

Cinematic Catharsis: The Watcher In The Woods ( 1980 )

Pop Culture Reverie: The Old Maid ( 1939 )

100 Films In A Year: Of Human Bondage ( 1934 )

Portraits By Jenni: A Stolen Life ( 1946 )

Le Cinema Dreams: Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte ( 1964 )

Bare, Bones & Ezine: Burnt Offerings ( 1976 )

Marielle O’Neill Article Archive: Marked Woman ( 1937 )

The Motion Pictures: Mother Goddam By Whitney Stine and Bette Davis

Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog: The Dark Horse ( 1932 ) and a glimpse into some of Bette Davis’ early film career

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest: Jezebel ( 1938 )

Musings Of An Introvert: The Bride Came C.O.D ( 1941 )

Defiant Success: Of Human Bondage ( 1934 )

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies: Dead Ringer ( 1964 )

Bewitched With Classic TV: Bette Davis television appearances

Smitten Kitten Vintage: All About Eve ( 1950 )

LA Explorer: The Hollywood Canteen and Thank Your Lucky Stars

Lauren Champkin: The Great Lie ( 1941 )

The Wonderful World Of Cinema: All About Eve ( 1950 )



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  2. Wow, all these entries are making me want to (barely audible voice goes here) shhh…watch my first Bette Davis film. Sorry, I’m hanging my head in shame. And now…decisions, decisions 😀

    Thanks for hosting this!


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  4. Here is my first entry on “Dead Ringer.”

    Sorry it took me so long but it’s been crazy lately and this is the longest review I’ve ever written. I’m going to work on the TV episodes post on my other blog but it may not be finished until tomorrow afternoon as I still have several episodes to watch and I have to get up early tomorrow to teach a class:/ Sorry! I hate it being late 😦


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  6. rudolf

    hi,big greetings from austria.i,am a big fan of bette davis.she was my womans hero of movies
    with lauren bacall and my best movie was “hush hush” and baby jane” for ever.i love this great actress.


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