Olivia de Havilland, the critically acclaimed actress who first rose to super stardom when she played cousin Melanie in the 1939 blockbuster epic, Gone With The Wind, celebrated her 100th centenary on July 1st last year.

For the memorable occasion, Laura from Phyllis Loves Classic Movies, and myself from my blog, In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood, hosted the Olivia de Havilland Centenary Blogathon, which proved to be a success. On the days of the event a myriad of bloggers coalesced to honor Miss. de Havilland, and her illustrious body of work.

As of 2017, Olivia de Havilland is one of the last stars who hold the key to the golden age of Hollywood. It is for this reason that Laura and myself have decided to make the blogathon an annual event. As a bonus we’re adding Olivia’s frequent co-star, Errol Flynn to the blogathon.



1. Bloggers are welcome to write about any topic pertaining to either Olivia de Havilland or Errol Flynn. If you have a subject in mind, but your not sure if its worthy for the blogathon, ask Laura or myself, and we’ll clarify it with you.

2. Due to Olivia and Errol’s extensive body of work and a diverse range of topics, we’re allowing no more than two duplicate entries. If there is a topic you really want to cover, act fast. It’s first in best dressed.

3. When: The Blogathon will be held on July 1st – 3rd, 2017, so you can post on any of those dates.

4. To express your interest in participating in the blogathon, leave a comment on my blog or on Laura’s blog along with the name and URL of your blog, and the subject you wish to cover, or you can always register by email at: or by contacting Laura at For those of you who wish to register by email, please be sure to include the name and URL of your blog, and the topic you wish to cover. Once you get confirmation, please spread the word about this blogathon by advertising the event on your blog. Below are a few banners, so please help yourself to a banner, and advertise the event on your blog.

Olivia and Errol Banner 4

Olivia and Errol Banner 1

Olivia and Errol Banner 3

Olivia and Errol Banner 2

Olivia and Errol Banner 5


In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood: Olivia de Havilland and Bette Davis.

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies: My Journey with Olivia, and “Never Say Goodbye” ( 1946 )

The Dream Book Blog: The Heiress ( 1949 )

Musings Of A Classic Film Addict: Dodge City ( 1939 )

Maddy Loves Her Classic Films:  Dodge City ( 1939 )

Charlene’s Mostly Classic Movie Reviews: The Snake Pit ( 1948 )

Real Weedgie Midget Reviews: The Swarm ( 1978 )

Pop Culture Reverie: Light In The Piazza ( 1962 )

Love Letters To Old Hollywood: Cry Wolf ( 1947 )

Old Hollywood Films: Captain Blood ( 1935 )

Life With Books & Movies: To Each His Own ( 1946 )

Critica Retro: It’s Love I’m After ( 1937 )

Sat In Your Lap: It’s Love I’m After ( 1937 ) & Gentleman Jim ( 1942 )

The Stop Button: The Adventures of Robin Hood ( 1938 )

The Wonderful World Of Cinema: Top ten Olivia de Havilland movies.

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society: The Strawberry Blonde ( 1941 )


  1. annsblyth

    The second I read Errol Flynn, I couldn’t stay away! He’s one of my all-time favorites, and I’d be happy to participate in this blogathon for the second year in a row as I had so much fun the first time! I’ll take Dodge City (1939), please and thank you! I’m at .


  2. I would like to write about “Strawberry Blonde” from 1941 with Olivia de Havilland and James Cagney. I just watched this picture so I could join this blogathon. I thought it was grand, and I am looking forward to writing about it. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Yours Hopefully,

    Tiffany Brannan


  3. maddylovesherclassicfilms

    Hi Crystal. Hope you are better now. It is good to have you back. Looking forward to reading all the entries for this blogathon.


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