For those of you who did not see my previous post, I want to fill you in on my whereabouts before I proceed. As most of you are aware, I suffer from severe headache attacks, which have resulted in me being hospitalized more than once this past year. During my first stay that lasted for four months, I experienced by far the worse headache in my entire life. The pain was that serious that it instantly made me fall into a coma. Needless to say, it was an extremely terrifying situation that I hope I never endure again. In addition to my incapacitation in hospital, I am detained with my research for my Katharine Hepburn book, which I am under contract with Pen & Sword for, and I’m also a freelance journalist for the entertainment section of an online publication. Juggling two careers is not easy and sometimes its near impossible to write for my blog, even though I try to allocate some time for blog maintenance.

Now that I’ve explained the reason for my absence, it’s time to shine the spotlight on the honoree of my next blogathon. The legendary Anne Bancroft would have been celebrating her 90th birthday on September 17th. For the occasion, I’ve decided to pay tribute by hosting a blogging event dedicated to this endearing actress whose name will continue to echo throughout the decades.

Many people remember Anne Bancroft for donning the famous roles of Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate” ( 1967 ) and Annie Sullivan in “The Miracle Worker” ( 1962 ), but in addition to these two ground-breaking films, Anne’s prolific career in motion pictures was punctuated by continuous bouts of success – thanks largely to her versatility that transcended genres. Away from the cameras, Anne enjoyed a peaceful life with her husband Mel Brooks, who she first met in 1961. The couple remained married until her premature death from uterine cancer on June 6th, 2005. Fifteen years later, audiences worldwide follow her ingenious trail of artistry that she left behind and are forever reminded that her flawless embodiment of characters is a testament to her diverse talents.

Without further ado, bloggers and writers in general are invited to join me on September 17th – 19th, as I salute one of the greatest actresses to ever grace cinema screens. Let’s make this a popular event. Anne Bancroft more than deserves it.


1. Bloggers are welcome to write about any topic pertaining Anne Bancroft. You can cover her films, her career on stage, her story-book marriage to Mel Brooks or all aspects of her personal life, as long as its kept truthful.

2. Due to the diversity of the subject matter, I am only allowing no more than two duplicates per topic. I want to give everybody the chance to participate. Act fast.

3. If you wish to write multiple posts, that’s fine. The more articles showcasing Anne’s diverse career is the merrier. However, I am proposing a three entry per person rule.

4. The purpose of this blogathon is to honor Anne Bancroft. Any post that appears to be derogatory and disrespectful towards Anne will not be accepted.

5. All contributions must be new material only. Previously published posts are verbatim.

6. To express your interest in participating in the blogathon, please leave a comment on my blog, along with the name and URL of your blog, and the subject you wish to cover, or you can always register by email at: For those of you who wish to register by email, please be sure to include the name and URL of your blog, and the topic you wish to cover. Once you get confirmation, please spread the word about this blogathon by selecting one of the banners created by me, and advertise the event on your blog.




In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood : TBD

The Stop Button : 7 Women ( 1966 )

Taking Up Room : How To Make An American Quilt ( 1995 )

Real Weegie Midget Reviews : Garbo Talks ( 1984 )

KN Winiarski Writes : Don’t Bother To Knock ( 1952 )

Love Letters To Old Hollywood : Don’t Bother To Knock ( 1952 )

Critica Retro : Fatso ( 1980 )

Caftan Woman : The Raid ( 1954 )

Celluloid Dame : Prisoner of Second Avenue ( 1975 ) and The Slender Thread ( 1965 )

The Wonderful World Of Cinema : The Elephant Man ( 1980 )

18 Cinema Lane : The Elephant Man ( 1980 )

Journeys In Classic Film : The Graduate ( 1967 )



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