Tonight I watched “Days Of Wine And Roses” for the first time. I’ve had the DVD sitting on my shelf for a long time now. Considering I’ve never been a fan of Lee Remick, granting the fact that I’ve hardly made a dent in her filmography, I was reluctant to watch it, but after hearing all the positive reviews from other classic movie friends, I decided to give it my first viewing.

Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick sparkle in this powerful drama about a young couple being drawn into the abyss of alcoholism, and the affliction they face when trying to break free. Joe Clay ( Jack Lemmon ) is a public relations man who meets Kirsten Arnasen ( Lee Remick ). Joe is enamored with Kirsten from the start, but at first Kirsten can’t stand Joe’s charms. Eventually she agrees to have dinner with Joe. During the dinner Kirsten admits that she doesn’t like alcohol, but is addicted to chocolate. Joe however introduces Kirsten to her first alcoholic drink in the form of Brandy Alexander, which contains Crème De Cocoa. The two fall in love and marry. Eventually they get swept into the downward spiral of alcoholism. After numerous attempts at trying to escape from being in the state of dipsomania. Only one can conciliate and eschewal the insobriety.

I’m thankful that I gave this movie a chance and exculpated my feelings for Lee Remick. I utterly enjoyed every minute of it, and it made me habituate to Lee Remick a bit more. Both stars were outstanding in their roles and delivered vigorous performances. Jack Lemmon, who is primarily known for comedy really shined in the role as Joe Clay, and his knack for serious acting was showcased throughout this movie. For anyone who suffers from alcoholism, I would recommend that they watch this film as it really sets the example.


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