Many years ago when my passion and strong dedication for classic cinema first evolved, Bette Davis was one of the first stars who I discovered. Due to my love of Bette’s illustrious resume of films, I can easily say that Bette helped establish my love of old movies.


Bette Davis was born on April 5th, 1908. In commemoration of her 107th Birthday, I’ve decided to pay tribute to Bette by hosting a blogathon in her honour. If you love Bette as much as I do, this is your chance to spread the Bette cheer by participating in the blogathon.



1. Feel free to write about any subject relating to Bette Davis or any aspect of her life and career. As long as the topic relates to Bette or her filmography, it’s more than welcome.

2. Due to Bette’s extensive body of work and a diverse range of topics, I’m allowing no more than two duplicate entries. If you have a film or topic in mind, act fast. It’s first in best dressed.

3. When: The Blogathon will be held on April 3rd – 5th, 2016, so you can post on any of those dates.

4. To express your interest in participating in the blogathon, leave a comment on my blog, along with the name and URL of your blog, and the subject you wish to cover, or you can always register by email at: For those of you who wish to register by email, please be sure to include the name and URL of your blog, and the topic you wish to cover. Once you get confirmation, please spread the word about this blogathon by advertising the event on your blog. Below are a few banners, so grab yourself a banner, and let’s celebrate the indelible Bette Davis.

banner for bette blogathon




banner bette blogathon


In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood: Bette Davis tribute.

All Good Things: In This Our Life ( 1942 )

Back To Golden Days: Now Voyager ( 1942 )

Pop Culture Reverie: The Old Maid ( 1939 )

Karavansara: The Private Lives Of Elisabeth And Essex ( 1939 )

Old Hollywood Films: The Letter ( 1940 )

Pop Culture Pundit: Whatever Happened To Baby Jane ( 1962 )

The Wonderful World Of Cinema: All About Eve ( 1950 )

Musings Of An Introvert: The Bride Came C.O.D ( 1941 )

B Noir Detour: The Petrified Forest ( 1936 )

Smitten Kitten Vintage: All About Eve ( 1950 )

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies: Dead Ringer ( 1964 )

Bewitched With Classic TVBette Davis Television Appearances.

Cinematic Scribblings: The Little Foxes ( 1941 )

Prince Of Hollywood: The Parachute Jumper ( 1933 )

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest: Jezebel ( 1938 )

Le Cinema Dreams: Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte ( 1964 )

Silver Screenings: Dark Victory ( 1939 )

Love Letters To Old Hollywood: Now Voyager ( 1942 )

Critica Retro: Three On A Match ( 1934 )

Portraits By Jenni: A Stolen Life ( 1946 )

Defiant Success: Of Human Bondage ( 1934 )

Serendipitous Anachronisms: The Man Who Came To Dinner ( 1942 )

Lauren Champkin: The Great Lie ( 1941 )

The Cinematic Frontier: Where Love Has Gone ( 1964 )

The Flapper Dame: Satan Met A Lady ( 1936 )

Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog: The Dark Horse ( 1932 ) and early Bette Davis appearances.

LA Explorer: Bette Davis and the Hollywood Canteen and Thank Your Lucky Stars ( 1943 )

A Shroud Of Thoughts: Whatever Happened To Baby Jane ( 1962 )

The Old Hollywood Garden: Mr. Skeffington ( 1944 )

Finding Franchot: Dangerous ( 1935 )

First Impressions Reviews: Mr. Skeffington ( 1944 )

Christina Wehner: Fog Over Frisco ( 1934 )

The Motion Pictures: Mother Goddam with Bette’s commentary.

Cinematic Catharsis: Watcher In The Woods ( 1980 )

Blog Of The Darned: A Pocketful Of Miracles ( 1961 ) Bette Davis interview and Old Acquaintance ( 1943 )

Thoughts All Sorts: Bette Davis Eyes

100 Films In A Year: Of Human Bondage ( 1934 )

Marielle O’Neill Article Archive: Marked Woman ( 1937 )

Bare, Bones & Ezine: Burnt Offerings ( 1976 )

Girls Do Film: Bette Davis and feminism

Speakeasy: Another Man’s Poison ( 1951 )

Dark Lane Creative: The Virgin Queen ( 1955 )

Movie Classics: The Sisters ( 1938 )

The Girl With The White Parasol: It’s Love I’m After ( 1937 )





  1. Jennifer V Jones

    Thanks for being such a fan – love this initiative! I don’t have a blog but if I did I’d write about Marked Woman, can’t believe no one has mentioned it yet. In my Top 5 Greatest BD films. I hope I can read the blog postings 😊


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